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By CrazyDingo on Dec 27, 2016 at 10:52 PM
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    Hello everybody, and happy New Year!

    We are proud to announce you the biggest update that has been done with the forum and the server - a total remake of everything on the forum, and a brand new mind-blowing feature to the server! We are proud to introduce you to the new CreativeCraft of 2017!

    We decided to remake the forum and improve it like we never had before. New and more relevant subforums, bug fixes, rank fixes, new themes and even changes in the ranking ladder in the forum!

    Plot-Votes feature, which is currently under the latest touches of developments, may be released in the next days of this week, or maybe early in the next week. This feature will allow each and every player to vote for plots which they like - the plots with the most of the likes in the end of every week will win, and the plot builder will get a reward.

    More details will be revealed about the Plot-Votes feature once it is released. I will begin and introduce you the whole forum update, step by step!

    Introduction 1: Ratings
    We decided that there shouldn't be any negative ratings in the forum anymore, since those have been abused and used to offend others. From now, only the neutral and positive ratings will be able to be given. All the negative ratings (Dumb, Old, and Bad Spelling) were gone from the ratings of all the members of the forum.

    We are also thinking about adding some new and interesting ratings - we are looking for your ideas for those! Let us know by replying to this thread below.

    Introduction 2: Forum Ranks
    We decided to improve the ranking system on the forum - and now, instead of it working by the trophy points amount the member has, it will work by the posts amount! Here is how our ranking ladder is going to work:

    New Member - 0 posts (Default rank)
    Regular Member - 15 posts
    Active Member - 50 posts
    Senior Member - 150 posts
    Highly Active Member - 300 posts
    Incredibly Active Member - 500 posts
    Posting Legend - 1000 posts
    Forum God - 2000 posts

    If you have any ideas for changes for these ranks or adding of new ranks, let us know by replying below. We are always open-minded to your ideas!

    Introduction 3: Forum Structure
    We decided to improve the different subforums and categories we have in our forum, by adding, removing and changing the subforums. Now, there are some new subforums which are relevant for the community of CreativeCraft. All the descriptions of all the subforums were updated and fixed, as well.

    If you have any ideas for the forum list structure, let us know by replying below!

    Introduction 4: Banning Rule-Breakers
    We also banned a few trouble-causing players from the forum - we expect to cut the infected out of this community. With this reborn, we will take actions with rule breakers, and take people out of the forum when needed. We will make sure that no more unnecessarily drama and panic is caused, and make sure we all are here to enjoy using this forum for the purpose it actually has.

    Introduction 5: New Forum Theme
    We also changed the theme which is displayed in our forum! From now on, you will get the pleasure to experience this fresh theme, adding up with some interesting visual effects!

    Please, let us know of your opinions about this new theme - we would like to know of your opinions.

    See you in the next update...
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Discussion in 'News, Announcements & Updates' started by CrazyDingo, Dec 27, 2016.

    1. ODONNT
      The new forums looks great good job on it guys
    2. Wolfiez
      Looks great, good job :D
    3. Alekz
      I like the new prefixes :) and I really like the new "theme" on the site
    4. ItzRoch
      Omeh god i love the fourm :eek:
    5. RobPlayzMC
      New shiny stuff <3
    6. GTA5Racer
      Thanks for the positive feedbacks guys <3
    7. JEC03
      We're starting anew! The forums look incredible, and I can't wait to do my job as a forum mod! How about we add a "Congrats" rating for people who accomplished something?
    8. kkrichmand
    9. JEC03
      Thank you! Happy to be here!
    10. Alekz
      JEC03, welcome to the staff team, well deserved :)
    11. JEC03
      Thank you so much!
    12. kkrichmand
      Fixing staff ranks on the forums as we speak :D
    13. LordChaos88
      Even the background pretty much says "Reborn" everywhere! Although "only the neutral and positive ratings will be able to be given."- Neutral could be the new Bad, but we will see to that. :)
    14. Brosaurasrex
    15. Wolfiez
      Congrats! ;)
    16. Ellope
      Yayy! it finally happened!

      The forums look so sleek. It's epic. 10/10.
    17. CrazyDingo
      Hmm... this is an interesting idea. I'll consider that
    18. Joel_troll71
      Dank theme in my opinion. ;)
    19. Liz
      Love it. Glad to have forums back :)
    20. Double_Charizard
      Something we needed, #MakeCreativeCraftGreatAgain
    21. Mitchel de Lange

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