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By GTA5Racer on Jan 2, 2017 at 3:19 PM
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    Hello, everyone! We will be releasing a new plugin tonight where you will be able to rollback your plots to any time/radius you specify. Now you no longer have to wait for a staff to help you fix a grief. If the grief is tremendous or needs help recovering a staff will definitely help you! You have to be the plot owner to rollback. Here's how you do a rollback:

    Finding out who griefed:
    1. Do '/rollback inspect' to switch into inspect mode.
    2. Place/break any block to see the logs.
    3. Find the victim's name.
    4. Do '/rollback inspect' again to switch back out of inspect mode.
    How to rollback:
    Lets use my name for example, GTA5Racer.

    Step 1. Use the command "/rollback [username]".
    ex. /rollback GTA5Racer

    Step 2. Select the amount of time you want to rollback


    Step 3. Select the amount of radius you want to rollback on the next screen that pops up.


    Step 4. Thats it! Your rollback will take place instantly. :)
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Discussion in 'News, Announcements & Updates' started by GTA5Racer, Jan 2, 2017.

    1. Temmie_
      i still don't get it
    2. Double_Charizard
      Im loving it! Thanks GTA for the plugin. Unfortunately my laptop broke and my old laptop that can run MC runs it at 10 fps average, and the PC i'm on right now hasn't been able to run MC since I got Windows 10 last year. So can't wait. I know what this means. #FreeBuildFinally
    3. GTA5Racer
      Dont worry, when the plugin is live you will get it.
    4. Double_Charizard
      Is the plugin in a Beta release, or will this be a full feature, release?
    5. JEC03
      This will be extremely useful for grief victims! Good work! :)
    6. Vauhwi
      Very useful! Great idea ;)
    7. AnomalyDetected
      Great Idea! Now when staff aren't on, players can fix griefs and report the grief with Photographic Evidence!
    8. ThatGuyMystic
      Amazing, GTA thank you soo much for a command like that, too many times on creative servers I have had all my build greifed and its never been rolled back. If all goes through and the plugin works on the server for everyone then this will be the only server I know with such plugin :) <3
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    9. GTA5Racer
      Guys i will have to delay this plugin by a day. I found a bug where people can rollback other plots.
    10. ThatGuyMystic
      Oh well thats not so good, Imagine if you could rollback someone else's plot RIP
    11. Vauhwi
      Knew it wouldn't go flawless that quick haha, no worries, take your time on optimizing the plugin, it's a great idea!
    12. RobPlayzMC
      Dude this sounds amazing <3 As many others have said, amazing way to fix griefs!
    13. GTA5Racer
      I've found a way to fix this. I will implement this as soon as i get home. :)
    14. Wolfiez
      Incredibly useful for those who are griefed, thanks for adding it! :D
    15. MayaWarrior
      This is a fantastic idea. It'll be so useful with handling griefs.
    16. GTA5Racer

      Here's a video on how to use it :0
    17. JEC03
      Cool! Thanks!
    18. RobPlayzMC

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