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Minigames Update List

Discussion in 'News, Announcements & Updates' started by Mega, Apr 4, 2017.

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    April 4, 2017:

    Going live later today, the minigames server has gone through some major but needed changes in order to improve the gameplay experience. Here's a roundup of some of the features...
    - Voting system
    The random mode system has been discarded. After a mode has finished, players will be prompted with the voting screen containing all maps of every gamemode, the info of each one can be seen by simply hovering over their icon. To vote, simply click on the icon. After 30 seconds or after all players have voted, the next mode will be the one with the most votes.
    - Improved in-game XP display
    After a mode finishes, a message will show up on the chat displaying how much XP you have. /mode rank command now also displays your XP on the header.
    - Several fixes
    Several fixes have been made to improve stability.
    - Admin tools
    Admin tools have been updated.
    - Anti-Cheat
    Due to false positives happening quite often, the anti-cheat system has been toned down.
    - New mode: Mob Arena
    Will go live today aswell. Fight your way to success in this new Co-Op mode. More info coming later today.
    - Return of TNT Run
    TNT Run went through some changes to nerf the lag spikes that were occurring.

    April 8, 2017:
    » General handling:
    ! A severe internal problem with the objectives has been corrected.
    ! A glitch ocurred in Spleef where the subtitle message under the team name in the intro screen appeared briefly before the intro played. That has been fixed.
    ! A bug has been fixed, happened under the following circumstance: A spectator deciding to spectate a player not present in the match.
    ! The draws have been fixed. Before winning would default to a team due to this bug.
    ! The code that gets a player to spectate has been rewritten, fixing many bugs. (such as: spectating a spectator, the camera getting stuck and jitter endlessly.)
    ! A potential error has been fixed in spectator teleporting.
    ! Fixed a bug where music could continuously stack up.
    ! Fixed some very rare errors that could happen with the intro screen.
    ! Fixed a bug where getting killed by going Out of Boundaries would not count towards the team's deaths.
    ! Fixed a bug where splash potions could kill you and teammates.
    ! Fixed a bug with spectating where there could be two or more boss bars when attempting to spectate players / going out of the spectating boundaries.
    ! Fixed a bug with when the player damage was disabled, players could kill players if the damage >= health.
    ! Potentially fixed a bug where rounds could stack up on rounds crashing everything.
    ! Fixed a bug where if a Medic was taken out of the match in Mob Arena, he could heal other players by approaching them in spectator mode.
    + Players who join a Mob Arena match (and future modes with Resource Packs) that's in progress now get the prompt to install the Resource Pack.
    + A message above the hotbar has been added and shows up when you begin spectating someone by default.
    + Added a new option that shows who took out who, it has been added to Spleef. (Player1 knocked out Player2)
    + Added hover feature to chat, hover over someone's name and click it to view his stats on the website. Additionally, if he's in a match, it will indicate his status (Alive/Dead/Free).
    + The boss bar (indicating the time and objective text) of your team now shows up properly when you're not spectating anyone.
    + Player list now shows the players alive on the match. Represented by a tick (✔) or cross (✕).
    - Other minor updates, such as messages.
    » Modes:
    ! A fix has been deployed to Mob Arena where if players activated Levitation right before the cooldown period, they would explode and get taken out of the match.
    ! Reduced Mob Arena's Medic class proximity regeneration perk cooldown from 5 seconds to 4 seconds.
    + New mode: Rail Wars (2-10 players) - Switch lanes, use your bow and sword to take out players inside other Minecarts. If a Minecart comes in contact with another Minecart, both will explode and take out both players.

    April 11, 2017:
    ! Fixed a specific "is now spectating" message sound.
    ! Fixed an error that could occur when a player leaves the match at the beggining under some circumstances.
    ! Fixed an issue where if POW power-up was activated and affected a player with a low amount of health, it would throw an error.
    + Added anti-spam and anti-advertising.
    + When a player joins in the match next round, a new message shows up: "Player is now taking part in the mode.".
    + Added a round loading message.
    + Increased the damage of the Forcefield power-up.
    + Increased the damage gain of the Rage power-up, from 120% to 150%.
    + Teams will now be re-adjusted every round, if possible, to compensate for the lack of players, instead of aborting the mode.

    April 15, 2017:
    A lot of changes have been made, here are the most notable ones:
    + Added more stats.
    + Added /mode stats [player] command to view some of the stats of an online player.
    + Added a new mode: On The Run (6-64). Take out the Runner to swap over to his team, then remain on that team until the time runs out to win. Featuring Hypixel's map - Herobrine's Mansion.
    + Added a new message which states which class you have received when you join a Mob Arena match that's in progress.
    * Various visual / audio changes and improvements.
    * Voting is now optional, press LMB (Left Mouse Button) to begin voting.
    * Kicking has been updated, if a player is kicked, he will not be able to take part in any round until the mode is over.
    * Several power-up changes.
    * Updated spectating.

    April 16, 2017
    ! Fixed a bug where kills could be assigned to another team in rare cases, this did not affect scoring at all.
    ! Damage system has been rebuilt from scratch, fixing many friendly-fire related glitches while it's off. (Such as projectiles being able to kill teammates.)
    ! Fixed an internal problem with mobs.
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