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Minigames exiting Beta stage tomorrow

Discussion in 'News, Announcements & Updates' started by Mega, Apr 28, 2017.

  1. Mega

    Mega Admin

    Oct 21, 2014
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    Tomorrow (April 29th), the minigames server will be exiting its beta (work in progress) stage. As such, the command to access the server will be changed as well, from /beta to /games.

    Full changelog:

    ! Fixed a bug in Spleef where the longer people waited in the lobby, the shorter amount of time it would take for blocks to start disappearing.
    ! Fixed a bug in Mob Arena where player classes would not get cleared when a player left the match, potentially resulting in an error.
    ! Fixed a double teleportation bug in respawn.
    ! Fixed a bug with team switch where the boss bar's time would reset for a second.
    ! Fixed a bug with the resource pack not unloading when Mob Arena finished.
    ! Fixed a bug with the resource pack applying for a spectator when no match was going on, under very rare circumstances.
    ! Fixed a bug with the resource pack not applying if a spectator joined during the mode ending screens.
    ! Fixed a bug with spawn vehicles and spectators leaving the game, causing an error.
    ! Fixed a bug with mobs where they could aggro on spectators after spawning.
    + Added "What do you want to do?" menu, can be toggled by pressing Left Mouse Button and will be presented upon joining the server. Current options (More options may be added in the future):
    - Join (Joins the lobby of the active gamemode)
    - Vote (Brings up the voting screen, only presented if server or current mode's lobby is empty of players)
    - Stats (Shows your stats)
    - Exit (Return to the server Hub)
    + Beautified the chat.
    + Beautified the voting screen.
    + Beautified some messages.
    + The votes for each gamemode are now displayed on a scoreboard.
    + Added a maximum wait time for the lobby - after a minute and a half, if there are not enough players, the current mode will be cancelled and the voting screen will kick again.
    + Nametags are now colored based on the team.
    + Visual tweaks.
    + Added a new mode: Cross The Line (2-8). A line comes out of your player, use it to eliminate the other 7 opponents to win. Each player has 3 lives.
    + Added a new mode: Detonator Defense (4-40). The Defenders must keep the Attackers away from the Detonator until the 2 minute timer expires. If they get to it, the Defenders will lose the round.
    Note that the server will still receive updates, such as new modes, after tomorrow. Map submissions are still being worked on; we'll let you know when they become available in the news feed.

    You can suggest changes to the server in the Suggestions section of the forum.
  2. ChesIGuess

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    Mar 18, 2017
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    Great improvements!! Can't wait to see them, all good work put in to action.
  3. AnomalyDetected

    AnomalyDetected G̵l̷i̸t̴c̶h̸y̴ ̷M̸e̴m̶b̴e̷r̴
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    Sep 14, 2016
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    So i haven't checked in a while, but do donors have their tags in mini Games?

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