Halloween build contest

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By DhankyKong on Oct 6, 2017 at 8:05 AM
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    It's time for a Halloween build contest!

    The time has come for an official build contest to celebrate this upcoming Halloween. Everyone & anyone can participate (except staff, they will be the judges)! We are giving away formidable prizes to the top three best builds.


    If you want to participate, contact any staff member and ask them to add you to the participant's list. Give them your username but also give them information about the location of your build (what server & what plot). No one may be added to the contestant's plot. Only the owner of a winning plot will receive a prize.


    We are giving away three donor ranks to the top three builds. The 1st place will receive the TITAN donor rank, 2nd place will receive the $100 donor rank, and the 3rd place will earn the $60 donor rank. (Donors will receive an upgrade when winning, TITANS may give away a $20 donor rank to any person of their liking.)

    The winners will be announced on the forums on the 20th of October.

    Good luck and have fun building!


Discussion in 'News, Announcements & Updates' started by DhankyKong, Oct 6, 2017.

    1. TheSecondAxeman
      Woo! I might give this a shot. Depends on how much free time I have.
      A few questions: Is there a strict size limit for the builds? Must they be Halloween-themed? And can I use builds I'm already a good bit of the way through? (I'm not planning on, but other people might want to)
    2. DhankyKong
      They must be Halloween themed, size doesn't matter, but consider size as a plus when judging.
    3. Miss Sassy
      Miss Sassy
    4. JEC03
      I will build a to-scale statue of Barney the Dinosaur with laser eyes and a secret chamber located inside of his stomach featuring a flaming statue surrounded by cartoon character heads.

      I’m not sorry.
    5. Blossom
      I already told a staff member that I am wanting to participate (and the location of the builds), is there a due date that the builds need to be finished by? You said that the winners will be announced on the 20th, but I want to make sure it's finished on time.
    6. Miss Sassy
      Miss Sassy
      Yes, The 20th of September.
    7. Miss Sassy
      Miss Sassy
      I mean October.
    8. MayaWarrior
      Again, there is an edit button to posts, please use it.
    9. Alekz
      Wow! Should have been arranged more build contests like this. Always fun to compete in + huge prices like Titan, $100 and $60. I appreciate the work you and the team are putting together.
    10. AlanaUnicorn2004
      ikr! that would be so much fun. Like maybe a summer build contest or a birthday build contest at about the time of GTA and Alex's birthdays

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