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    A year as staff. 11th of August 2016-11th of August 2017. My name is Alek, also known as Martin.
    It’s now my turn to resign and give my staff position away as I am going to study late in August. This study is not a normal study. I am basically going to be on a school ship for a year (Living on the ship, however coming home in the weekends… So, I might go on CC, but I will never reach my 8 hours which is required if you are a staff) CC has literally been one of the most amazing places to be in the Minecraft world. I have cherished every minute of my playtime, however unfortunately I should go further in my life to study and work up to be what I’ve always wanted to be, a cruise captain. It’s quite hard to resign from a server you’ve loved, but study is always a piece in your life.

    I want to thank you all those amazing CC players and donors, that is why CC is so special as it is. What could CC do without rulebreakers? hmm that’s a difficult question, you’re giving us stuff to do and I kind of appreciate that :p. I’m gonna miss all my buddies in this place, and especially players below.

    @CrazyDingo – Thank you for being such a good leader and a friend of mine during my time. Fun to play bedwars with you. It’s quite sad to see you resign from CC right before my resignation. I hope your future is with you <3

    @DhankyKong – In my time as a staff, I must say you might be one of the best staff member CC has ever had. It was so fun to play with you when we met the Spanish youtubers and you are a great buddy. Hope you can lead the team with Jackie :)

    @ItzRoch – One of my best friends in here. Thank you for taking your time to play on CC even though times could be hard. It’s sad to place a block between our friend relationship.

    @whaddup aka Alex – Eyy whaddup. Fun to play minigames with you and Dingo and all this rage lmao. Also sad to see you resign, we had some great times together and I appreciate you as a person. I hope you get interest to play on CC one day.

    @Ellope – You always work so hard as a staff, your dedication and hard work during your time. I’ve known you for quite a while. We’re the oldest staff member left of the team, however as I leave you’re the one left again. I’m so grateful that Dingo promoted you to HeadStaff as you have deserved it for a long time. Good luck.

    @MistaNovah – Also one of my best friends in here, we built so much together before and I hope you will be a moderator, or even ready for a higher task soon.

    @Fwist – A cool person. It was fun to get to know you and you were and are a funny guy. Keep up your mood, I appreciate it. See ya later.

    @AnomalyDetected – A great friend, a good staff, a CC player. What else?

    @Flxur – I miss the time when you were an admin on this server. It was fun to be a friend of you during my time and I’m so glad you changed your mind and went back to the staff team, I hope you take over my position soon :’).

    @Melon – It was nice to get to know you. You are a great staff and I hope you still have time for it.

    @GTA5Racer – You have been busy the last time, but I must say your work on the server is outstanding. Keep the server up for many years if you have time for it.

    @ChesIGuess – Quite fun to be your mentor and see what you have achieved. I’m so happy we got to meet each other.

    @Twiitz – I’m pleased to be your mentor. You have been a great staff and it’s truly a loss for CC when you resigned.

    @Brooke107284 – Keep up your work as a staff. You are a nice person :>

    @MaxxyBae – Glad I met you during my last time as a staff. You’re a cool person and I wish you the best of luck.

    @RadiantSolarium – You are a great staff member. Hope you get to try even a higher position soon.

    @MayaWarrior – Even though I don't know you much, I must say I'm impressed of your work on the forums.

    Thank you to all the staff members for taking a part of your day to moderate and play CC. Thank you all donators for supporting the server, you’re keeping it up. And finally, thank you all my other friends, sadly a lot of you resigned :/
    I’m happy on CC’s behalf of what GTA has achieved and the other owners. They started a small server once, and has grown up to be one of the best creative servers in the network.

    Thank you.
    I’m out.
    ~ Alekziz - Martin
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    Oct 28, 2015
    Deez nuts.
    On Uranus
    It's very unfortunate to see you leave, you were a great staff member. I hope we can stay in contact. :)
  3. JEC03

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    Wow, I didn't see this coming...

    Alek, thank you so much for what you've done to the server. You were a great staff and I really hope you had fun!

    Good luck!
  4. MayaWarrior

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    It's always sad to see a great staff member leave, but I'm glad that you're chasing your dreams in life. Thanks for a year of hard work to make CC a better place, and best of luck on your voyage, captain. :)

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