Changelog [Creative Servers] - 04/30/2017

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    Changelog for Creative Servers
    Date: 04/30/2017

    Some changes will only take place by Midnight as it requires server restart.

    + Added command /announce
    + Added command /countdown [Donor feature]
    + Donors will be able to change scoreboard colors.
    + Fixed some SQL errors on our Core plugin
    + /realname has been updated for cross server and is much more accurate.
    + Fixed an issue with bad packets that caused the server to lag.
    + Chairs has been fixed on Medium
    + Hub now has all the cross server features.
    + Remodified our Core plugin database to implement /mail and /ignore for the next update.
    + Some message fixes on the core plugin
    + Cross server Worldedit plugin has been completed but requires a small fix on our linux OS to fully implement it.
    * Fixed a permisssion issue at Hub.


Discussion in 'Changelogs' started by GTA5Racer, Apr 30, 2017.

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