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Discussion in 'News, Announcements & Updates' started by GTA5Racer, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. GTA5Racer

    GTA5Racer Owner Owner

    Hello everyone, I have been working on a new plugin called BuildTeams, some of you might have already heard about it. It's going to be released either today or tomorrow. I still have to do some polishing before it's up. :)

    Here's some information about it:

    You will need atleast 6 dots of builder rank or $50 rank to create your own team.
    Instead of prefix in the chat, we are using the hover feature, this is how it will look:

    /bt create [name] - Creates a new Team.
    /bt invite [player] - Invites a player to your team.
    /bt accept - Accept an invitation to a team.
    /bt kick [player] - Kicks a player from your team.
    /bt disband - Disbands your team.
    /bt sethome - Sets your team home.
    /bt home - Teleports to your team home.
    /bt point [TeamName] - Gives a team a point.
    /bt desc [desc] - Sets description for your team.
    /bt top - List top 10 build teams of the network.

    More info regarding it will be announced during the release.
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  2. ThatGuyMystic

    ThatGuyMystic Admysticrator

    Wow! Loving the massive amount of updates recently GTA, they just keep getting better! :) <3
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  3. Vauhwi

    Vauhwi Junior Member Donator

    Sick ;)
  4. Double_Charizard

    Double_Charizard Highly Active Member Donator

    Of course, i'm $30 I can't get $50 and I can't get 6 dots even if I tried.

    Besides my fake ranting, I think this is great! This looks great GTA
  5. MayaWarrior

    MayaWarrior Mamabear Forum Moderator

    While the plugin looks nice, I'm not sure that right now would be the best time to implement it. There are already build teams on Creative Craft that are forming bitter rivalries between each other to the point of spreading lies to tarnish the other's reputation. Having a system that encourages votes will only increase the tension. Teams will likely start slandering others just to make the other team get less votes.
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  6. JEC03

    JEC03 Staff Dolphin Forum Moderator Donator

    I totally agree, and GTA actually deleted my reply to this thread because my opinion, and I quote, "didn't make sense lol."
  7. AnomalyDetected

    AnomalyDetected G̵l̷i̸t̴c̶h̸y̴ ̷M̸e̴m̶b̴e̷r̴ Moderator Donator

    Okay, let me explain to Mr GTA5racer. Basically, it's a good plugin, but seriously, we have Build teams making lies about each other. Either way, it's your server.
  8. Double_Charizard

    Double_Charizard Highly Active Member Donator

    Finally, we all get it. I agree with @AnomalyDetected, once this build team rivalry ends, then that may be a fine time. But at the same time, @GTA5Racer is in control of his own server, so it's up to him.
  9. ThatGuyMystic

    ThatGuyMystic Admysticrator

    Man like I said at the beginning this plugin is truly amazing but I do agree with all of you guys/girls that the timing of this plugin was a bit...impractical could be the word because we have these two 'main' teams spreading lies about each other and causing arguments
    , its a real shame that these build teams would cause us too have these thoughts but they do. But it is a truly amazing plugin and you have outdone yourself again GTA :)
  10. JEC03

    JEC03 Staff Dolphin Forum Moderator Donator

    Agreed. It's a fine plugin, but now's not the time to release it.
  11. joshisameme

    joshisameme New Member

    I agree with this, if you release it now, the server could go really downhill due to the fights, lies, and etc.
    It IS your choice, and i'm loving how it's running on small, but it may create more problems.
  12. ThatGuyMystic

    ThatGuyMystic Admysticrator

    Well it wont create problems if these 'teams' grow up and stop arguing like two year olds...
  13. Foison

    Foison Regular Member

    Its kinda broken for me, on small i can't make a team even though i am an 8 dot.

    ign = Veign_
  14. JEC03

    JEC03 Staff Dolphin Forum Moderator Donator

    They need to make peace and stop acting like a bunch of kids arguing on a school playground.
  15. joshisameme

    joshisameme New Member

    Too true.
  16. Wolfiez

    Wolfiez New Member

    This plugin is great if the players wouldn't argue like children, as most of you's have said.
  17. JEC03

    JEC03 Staff Dolphin Forum Moderator Donator

    Indeed. People are too competitive when it comes to build teams.
  18. ThatGuyMystic

    ThatGuyMystic Admysticrator

    Well a bit of constructive criticism and suggestions is always fine but spreading lies no no no...
  19. JEC03

    JEC03 Staff Dolphin Forum Moderator Donator

    The worst part is when they deny they made any false claims and then they go on to further humiliate the other team.
  20. ThatGuyMystic

    ThatGuyMystic Admysticrator

    I have also just realised 1. how off topic this has gone :p and 2. GTA is only 1 dot....
  21. JEC03

    JEC03 Staff Dolphin Forum Moderator Donator

    Yeah, let's get back on topic before GTA bans us all.
  22. Really great idea! Hope to see it soon! You should add a command for build team chat, like /bc or /bdc or something like that it make it better!
  23. Locien

    Locien Regular Member

    bee teams plugin
  24. JEC03

    JEC03 Staff Dolphin Forum Moderator Donator

    Sigh... really Locien? No bumping.

    Still, it is allowed on informational threads.
  25. 1234pizzabob

    1234pizzabob New Member

    So, i love the idea... but i am 7 dots and i still cant create a build team. it says I require 6+ dots, except i already have 7, so could anyone help me out? Thanks!;)

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