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Discussion in 'Staff Reports' started by NonOfUrBusiness, Oct 11, 2017.

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  1. NonOfUrBusiness

    NonOfUrBusiness New Member

    Oct 11, 2017
    I was speaking to a guy which I met in CreativeCraft today and a Mod called ¨AConfusedGamer¨ warned and banned me for speaking with my buddy in our native language which is spanish, we are both spaniards and my friend does not speak in english which makes it really hard for him to understand it.
    For the 3 years I´ve played this server I´ve never seen such a reaction from a Mod, I don´t know where did you find this guy or why did u hire him, but he is irresponsable and very very toxic.
    1- What happend is while I was speaking to my buddy in spanish this guy appears with a warning to stop speaking in spanish, which was only a sentence or two.
    2- I started to ask why the hell did he warn me, and his answer was: You are not following the rules.
    I asked if spanish was prohibited and he told me that yes, it was.
    3- I started to get a bit mad at this point because I had the rights to speak in my own language and there is freedom of speach so... I started to tell him that he was a bad admin ¨badmin¨ and he kicked me for dis respectful words and flooding the chat, after that he tempmuted me and I sent him an MSG saying the following word (Badmin :D) less than 10 seconds after this I got banned for swearing and disrespecting an abussive Mod, which wasn´t only muting and warning me, but also some of the players that were in the 600x600 plots.

    My suggestion is not to unban me, but remove the rank from that player called AConfusedGamer for Admin Abuse, I think I shouldn´t be speaking in Spanish, and because of that I do deserve a warning, but ffs not a mute and a ban!
  2. TheSecondAxeman

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    Mar 19, 2017
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    1. This should be in staff reports, and it should follow the proper template.
    2. There is a rule against speaking any language other than English in global chat. If you wanted to talk to your friend, you could have used /msg or plot chat (/p chat).
    3. If you had left it at that, then that would have been it. The fact that you "started to tell him" implies that you were flooding chat, which is also against the rules. Since you'd already been warned, the next step up from that is a kick. If you continued after being kicked, that would be enough cause to be muted.
    4. /msg counts as mute bypass. I don't agree with that, but those are the rules. The correct punishment for mute bypass is a ban for the same length as the mute, which would have only been 35 minutes max (unless those rules have been changed). By this time, you'd be unbanned anyway.
  3. zapteryx

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    Head Staff

    Feb 14, 2016
    I've moved the thread to Staff Reports and given you a one-time exception of not following the template.

    Hello! Welcome to CreativeCraft.

    I'd like to thank you for making this detailed staff report of AConfusedGamer.

    However, after reviewing your report, your warn / mute / ban still remains valid, and the moderator is not in the wrong. With close reference to your detailed report, here's why:

    1. Your friend could communicate with you in Spanish or whatever your native language is via /msg. We've made it very clear in the Server Rules that speaking a foreign language other than English is not acceptable. This is therefore invalid.

    2. He did nothing wrong, however, if you find him being toxic, that would go under a new staff report with valid evidence following the template.

    3. Whether it is a sentence or a whole paragraph, it is still not allowed according to the Server Rules.

    4. There is nothing wrong with that.

    5. I believe you're not speaking to the monitor, you're actually typing in words using your keyboard. There is simply just no clear law about having freedom of speech online. Besides, if there were freedom of speech, even just on CreativeCraft, we have rules (which I'm not going to link a third time) for a reason.

    6. You "started". You "started". Let me get this right. You started to tell him that he was a bad admin. This shows me two things:
    1) You were spamming.
    2) At this point, you should've headed on to the forums to make a staff report of this moderator (NOT an admin). But you decided to spam "badmin".
    He was completely not at fault. Hate to say, but this is on your part.

    7. Again. You messaged him "badmin". You're showing how immature you are about getting punishments that you are unable to identify as right or wrong. That isn't the problem. You should've reported him right then, but you continued and persisted despite him punishing you. That should've been a clear telltale sign of your cue to come here. But no. Fine, now you get banned and you're saying he's abusive. Which I'm going to link the rules again, right here:

    This moderator was not abusive, he was doing his job, and was doing it correctly. Then, you next claim that he wasn't only muting and warning you, but also muting some in Medium server. However, you fail to present any form of valid evidence, which sums up this whole staff report as "lack of evidence". I could've denied the report immediately, but I decided that you may want a more valid reason, which is why we're here. I've made it extremely clear that the rules are rules, and that the moderator is doing his job correctly. Also, there must be a reason for his decision to punish some other players in medium.

    Lastly, this moderator was doing his job correctly. He muted and banned you, which proved your persistence and insistence that what you did was correct, even though you also said that it wasn't. I'd again like you to thoroughly read the rules.

    Hence, this staff report is denied. Note that in this whole reply, I'm not making an attempt or intending to bash you or your opinion, but your claims are outright invalid. Please do let your friend know that he or she could speak in your native language via /msg or /p chat in a plot.

    Thank you.

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