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    At CreativeCraft, we appreciate quality builders. Everybody who builds on the server can rank up, in a fair and equal way to everyone else - the better builder you are, the higher rank you achieve.

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    Nearly every command on the server uses our custom built Cross-Server feature, which means that you are able to teleport, copy builds, chat, and much more, all to another server within the CreativeCraft Network.

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    Plot Sizes

    CreativeCraft offers a range of different plot sizes, with each one of them catering to individual needs. Keep in mind that you are able to freely switch between any sizes at any moment in time.

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    Plot Password

    Concerned that an intruder will enter your plot? Protect it by setting a four-digit password!

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    Have you just been griefed by someone who you've shared your plot with, but there is no Staff online? Rollback it back yourself with an easy-to-use GUI system.

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