Hello everyone, I have been working on a new plugin called BuildTeams, some of you might have already heard about it. It's going to be released either today or tomorrow. I still have to do some polishing before it's up. :)

Here's some information about it:

You will need atleast 6 dots of builder rank or $50 rank to create your own team.
Instead of prefix in the chat, we are using the hover feature, this is how it will look:

/bt create [name] - Creates a new Team.
/bt invite [player] - Invites a player to your team.
/bt accept - Accept an invitation to a team.
/bt kick [player] - Kicks a player from your team.
/bt disband - Disbands your team.
/bt sethome - Sets your team home.
/bt home - Teleports to your team home.
/bt point [TeamName] - Gives a team a point.
/bt desc [desc] - Sets description for your team.
/bt top - List top 10 build teams of the network.

More info regarding it will be announced during the release.

Hello, everyone! We will be releasing a new plugin tonight where you will be able to rollback your plots to any time/radius you specify. Now you no longer have to wait for a staff to help you fix a grief. If the grief is tremendous or needs help recovering a staff will definitely help you! You have to be the plot owner to rollback. Here's how you do a rollback:

Finding out who griefed:
  1. Do '/rollback inspect' to switch into inspect mode.
  2. Place/break any block to see the logs.
  3. Find the victim's name.
  4. Do '/rollback inspect' again to switch back out of inspect mode.
How to rollback:
Lets use my name for example, GTA5Racer.

Step 1. Use the command "/rollback [username]".
ex. /rollback GTA5Racer

Step 2. Select the amount of time you want to rollback


Step 3. Select the amount of radius you want to rollback on the next screen that pops up.


Step 4. Thats it! Your rollback will take place instantly. :)


Hello everybody, and happy New Year!

We are proud to announce you the biggest update that has been done with the forum and the server - a total remake of everything on the forum, and a brand new mind-blowing feature to the server! We are proud to introduce you to the new CreativeCraft of 2017!

We decided to remake the forum and improve it like we never had before. New and more relevant subforums, bug fixes, rank fixes, new themes and even changes in the ranking ladder in the forum!

Plot-Votes feature, which is currently under the latest touches of developments, may be released in the next days of this week, or maybe early in the next week. This feature will allow each and every player to vote for plots which they like - the plots with the most of the likes in the end of every week will win, and the plot builder will get a reward.

More details will be revealed about the Plot-Votes feature once it is released. I will begin and introduce you the whole forum update, step by step!

Introduction 1: Ratings
We decided that there shouldn't be any negative ratings in the forum anymore, since those have been abused and used to offend others. From now, only the neutral and positive ratings will be able to be given. All the negative ratings (Dumb, Old, and Bad Spelling) were gone from the ratings of all the members of the forum.

We are also thinking about adding some new and interesting ratings - we are looking for...

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