Hello everyone,

I have improved our current home system by implementing MySQL and Cross-Server features. I have also organized the homes in a neat GUI system. Because of the new database, i had to reset everyone's home. Here is how you use the new home system:

/home {PLAYERNAME} - Opens the GUI of homes for the given playername.
/home set {name} - Creates a new home at the location you are standing at
/home delete {name} - Delete a home.
/home help - Shows useful commands and also displays how much of your homes has been used up.


Lets say you do /home GTA5Racer, this GUI pops up with all his homes.


Update: Now it shows the amount of homes that you have claimed on the scoreboard.

We will be adding Cross server warps and mail for the next update.

Fight monsters in the first Co-Op PvE mode for up to 24 players. Will be going live on CreativeCraft today.

How to play
- Firstly, when you enter the lobby, you will be faced with the class selection screen. Pick the class that suits your play style and then the resource pack screen will kick in. If you wish to do so, install the resource pack for this gamemode, then wait for the mode to start. If you do not pick a class, you will be given a random one when the mode launches. Classes will be furtherly explained down below.
- On start, you have 15 seconds to get ready before the first level. When a level begins, a set of mobs will be created. There are 10 levels with one cooldown period inbetween level 5 and level 6, which will regenerate your health. The higher the level, the harder it will become to survive. If all teammates are eliminated, you will lose the round. Pass all 10 levels to win. For every kill achieved, you will receive 6 XP. Boost your kill streak with the pickups present on the map!



- Knight
Iron Sword, Diamond & Gold gear, harm splash potion.
  • No special perks.

- Warrior
Iron Sword, Iron & Chainmail gear and Shield.

  • No special perks.

- Archer
Enchanted Stone Sword, Enchanted Bow, Chainmail & Leather gear, 32 instant harm tipped arrows & infinite normal arrows

  • No special perks.

- Pyro
Enchanted Iron Sword, Flint & Steel, Leather Gear and 2 regeneration potions.

  • Ability to shoot fireballs towards the nearest enemy.

- Medic
Enchanted Gold Sword, 2 Golden Apples, Leather Gear & 2 regeneration splash potion.

  • Ability to heal nearby non-Medic...
We will be transferring our domain (creativecraft.us) to a much reliable registrar, during this time you wont be able to connect to the server temporarily. (Max. 6 hours)

I will be putting a temporary IP below for everyone to connect

Current Status: Domain transfer in progress

Temp ip:
We will be performing a server transfer to a new dedicated server to finish up our makeover which we mentioned in the old thread. The main purpose of the upgrade is to increase performance but also improve our backup system so your builds and ranks stay with us safely! There will be a real time stats table down below!

Small: Online [Transfer done]
Medium: Online [Transfer done]
Large: Online [Transfer done]


As most of you noticed, earlier today (03-19-2017) we have added a fully custom new system for the server to work with, replacing each and every other plugin on the server (even Essentials!), in order to massively decrease the amount of lag and server downtimes on the whole network!

The version which was added to the server today for a short while was the very first release of the beta version - all the bugs which were reported to the staff will be taken care of for the next release, somewhere later this week. As for this moment we took a long list of 30 issues regarding to this version, which will be taken care of one by one, being fixed and improved for the next beta release!

Please note that if you have any bugs to report, questions regarding to the update, or suggestions for our future updates you may reply below. We are always open-minded to your thoughts!

Today (10.3) we are planning to have a maintenance in order to fix the majority of the bugs on the server. In order to fix all the issues, we need your help!

No one would know what bugs and issues there are around the server but the community itself - you, the players!

Please let us know of bugs you are aware of which we can fix tonight, by replying to this thread.

Add as many bugs as you know!

Thank you,
CC Staff Team

Test server is live, connect to the server and type /beta to enter the gamemodes server.
View the leaderboard here: http://creativecraft.us/leaderboard/

With the very first batch of custom built competitive gamemodes arriving at CreativeCraft this Saturday, players will be able to take part in a variety of team-based gamemodes. The first batch of gamemodes consists of the classic Team Deathmatch and Last Team Standing modes featuring the best builds found on CreativeCraft by our best builders, and our own gamemode - Blood Pursuit - where up to 46 players are the Survivors and up to 2 Hunters are seeking for them to take them out. By playing these and the upcoming gamemodes arriving in the near future, you will earn XP, in which it represents the best performing players across all gamemodes. The top players can be viewed with a command.

More information will arrive this Saturday.
Hello everyone, I have been working on a new plugin called BuildTeams, some of you might have already heard about it. It's going to be released either today or tomorrow. I still have to do some polishing before it's up. :)

Here's some information about it:

You will need atleast 6 dots of builder rank or $50 rank to create your own team.
Instead of prefix in the chat, we are using the hover feature, this is how it will look:

/bt create [name] - Creates a new Team.
/bt invite [player] - Invites a player to your team.
/bt accept - Accept an invitation to a team.
/bt kick [player] - Kicks a player from your team.
/bt disband - Disbands your team.
/bt sethome - Sets your team home.
/bt home - Teleports to your team home.
/bt point [TeamName] - Gives a team a point.
/bt desc [desc] - Sets description for your team.
/bt top - List top 10 build teams of the network.

More info regarding it will be announced during the release.

Hello, everyone! We will be releasing a new plugin tonight where you will be able to rollback your plots to any time/radius you specify. Now you no longer have to wait for a staff to help you fix a grief. If the grief is tremendous or needs help recovering a staff will definitely help you! You have to be the plot owner to rollback. Here's how you do a rollback:

Finding out who griefed:
  1. Do '/rollback inspect' to switch into inspect mode.
  2. Place/break any block to see the logs.
  3. Find the victim's name.
  4. Do '/rollback inspect' again to switch back out of inspect mode.
How to rollback:
Lets use my name for example, GTA5Racer.

Step 1. Use the command "/rollback [username]".
ex. /rollback GTA5Racer

Step 2. Select the amount of time you want to rollback


Step 3. Select the amount of radius you want to rollback on the next screen that pops up.


Step 4. Thats it! Your rollback will take place instantly. :)


Hello everybody, and happy New Year!

We are proud to announce you the biggest update that has been done with the forum and the server - a total remake of everything on the forum, and a brand new mind-blowing feature to the server! We are proud to introduce you to the new CreativeCraft of 2017!

We decided to remake the forum and improve it like we never had before. New and more relevant subforums, bug fixes, rank fixes, new themes and even changes in the ranking ladder in the forum!

Plot-Votes feature, which is currently under the latest touches of developments, may be released in the next days of this week, or maybe early in the next week. This feature will allow each and every player to vote for plots which they like - the plots with the most of the likes in the end of every week will win, and the plot builder will get a reward.

More details will be revealed about the Plot-Votes feature once it is released. I will begin and introduce you the whole forum update, step by step!

Introduction 1: Ratings
We decided that there shouldn't be any negative ratings in the forum anymore, since those have been abused and used to offend others. From now, only the neutral and positive ratings will be able to be given. All the negative ratings (Dumb, Old, and Bad Spelling) were gone from the ratings of all the members of the forum.

We are also thinking about adding some new and interesting ratings - we are looking for...

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