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Oct 21, 2014
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    1. Hamster
      When will server be back up
      1. HENRUS7
        He is not active anymore.
        If you want to see him, play GTA with him.
        Dec 21, 2018
    2. Emiliano
      Hey!! I need to talk about a build I lost due to the server closing!! PLEASE im willing to pay just to get that build back! it means so much to both me and mu bf!! PLEASE
    3. Joey_Roddy
      Dear Mega,

      I was wondering if it would be possible for me to have a schematic file of my build on the large creative plot server for backup purposes and so I could transfer that build into my own world on MINECRAFT? My MINECRAFT account game name id is Joey_Roddy. If you could help me out with this, I would greatly appreciate it

      Joey Michael Roddy
      1. Dabria
        Dear Joey,

        The owners do not interact with players and help out with these sort of things. Instead, you should as a Senior Mod, it can be done over the Discord. You can simply join and @discord-mod and we can get you and senior mod. Thought it is limited what we allowed

        Dabria - Discord Head-Moderator.
        Apr 30, 2018
    4. Joey_Roddy
      Hello Sir,

      I tried to post a build that I have completed myself in creative mode for MINECRAFT but I get the following error message:
      Your content can not be submitted. This is likely because your content is spam-like or contains inappropriate elements. Please change your content or try again later. If you still have problems, please contact an administrator.
      Is there a way to resolve this issue?
      1. MayaWarrior
        You might have posted too many images. I recommend either reducing the amount of images in your post or uploading the images to a site like Imgur and linking either to the images or an album containing the images. If that doesn't work, I don't know what will.
        Apr 26, 2018
    5. quinn
      bruh your guy ultraNegitive baned us for something we did way before we knew the rules and now me and my pal are banned for something we did a long time ago and forgot to erase. and just telling ultra to cool down because he was banning people left and right. ya gotta consider evaluating the people you "hire" for moderation. it just not fun anymore
      1. HENRUS7
        Firstly, he is an inactive owner
        Secondly, it is AConfusedGamer’s and Vanderbilt_Grad’s job to hire staff
        Lastly, you can make a staff report on the forums
        Mar 18, 2018
    6. SkepticalEye
      Hello Mega. I've made a coliseum for Mob Arena, it is on small, i only have 1 plot there so it should be easy to locate
      1. zapteryx
        Mega doesn't play anymore.

        EDIT: Was wrong. Spotted Mega in Games server.
        Jun 28, 2017
      2. SkepticalEye
        Why did GTA5Racer tell me to contact mega if i made something...
        Jun 28, 2017
    7. Ace Else
      Ace Else
      Hey! Just wanted to let you know that there was a fake admin that "accepted" my staff app. Thx
    8. DreamingOutLoud
      ItzBioWolf banned me after he asked me to remove a "lag machine" which I removed
      1. AnomalyDetected
        Maybe because you proceeded to make another with no red stone.
        Dec 4, 2016
      2. AnomalyDetected
        Also, if you plan to complain, complain to an actual owner. This owner doesn't even play here anymore.
        Dec 5, 2016
    9. DankMemeOletes
      Please help my friend cant go to my plot
    10. xX_JoeWenning_Xx
      Hello, I love your server. I love it so much, I want to be staff. Not just a moderator, but a builder. Is that possible, and where can I apply. Thank goodness for you
      1. MayaWarrior
        Three things:

        1: MegaGTAV hasn't been on in over a year and a half.
        2: Asking to become a staff member will not make you more likely to become one.
        3: You apply here:
        Nov 5, 2016
    11. CommanderCraft
      Hello there! I joined this server a VERY long time ago. I was just playing like normal and I got off to go have dinner. When I got back on it said that I was banned. Reason: Greifing. I got really sad and almost had a full breakdown. After I just quit the server for a few years. I would never greif anyone and, before this message popped up I was just building a city!
      1. AnomalyDetected
        Make a ban appeal dude.
        Oct 24, 2016
    12. NadiaKIC
      Excuse me!? Today I just tried to join because I wanted to play on the server, and what happened!? It says that my IP address is banned from the server!!!?? Reason: Hacked client!
      How did that happen? First of all; you don't have any proof for me hacking! Second of all; I didn't hack ANYONE!!! It's really annoying to be banned from a server where you haven't done anything wrong!!!
    13. FemSansSkeleton
      I didn't know what to do, I ended up getting a screen shot of two people messing with me, being inappropriate, and has hack items? I think
      1. MayaWarrior
        Create a report players thread.
        Aug 23, 2016
    14. Chetas
      Hello. I would like to apply for staff but I am lost on finding the page that has, the staff application sign-up. All help will be thankful. Thanks. Chetas.
      1. AnomalyDetected
        It's still offline, and is undergoing some work, as they will be opening staff applications soon.
        Oct 24, 2016
    15. NerdTubeGame
      how do you become staff
      1. MayaWarrior
        Please don't spam people with posts until you get the answer. There is a Staff Application section on the forums. Just follow the template and fill out a form. Staff will get to it eventually. It may take a few weeks, though. So you have to be patient.
        Jul 30, 2016
    16. gabe
      Ogkegster22 keeps kicking me off because i tried to tell everyone he planted trees on my plot. also why can he plant trees on my plot? pls fix this!!
      1. Ogkegster22
        that was some bug why i kept kicking people..
        Jul 8, 2015
    17. blifaloo
      Owner i need help
    18. Alan Rodriguez
      Alan Rodriguez
      I haved notice umm.. that there are ralely staff online in the servers and umm well. :3 you know what im gonna ask :D
    19. Luna Rosenthal~♬
      Luna Rosenthal~♬
      There's hackers taking people's ranks (Donors)

      I used to be a $100 Grand Donor, but they took $95 and I'm now a $5!
      I lost most of my commands.. PLEASE HELP!!
      1. AnomalyDetected
        Bug subform due, post it there.
        Oct 24, 2016
      2. Luna Rosenthal~♬
        Luna Rosenthal~♬
        this was last year. *Sigh* Good memories.
        Oct 24, 2016
      3. AnomalyDetected
        May or may not have not seen the date XD
        Oct 24, 2016
    20. PianistJo22
      MegaFTAVMaster, I think one of your moderators, or other people with a rank has replaced my friend Kawabashii's plot or claimed it. We worked hard on it for these past months and now everything is gone, replaced with some other buildings. Please reply and get on Minecraft whenever you can to fix this problem. I don't want our work to go to waste.
      1. AnomalyDetected
        Post it in the staff Abuse or bug section.
        Oct 24, 2016
    21. ecck1
      hey dude im still waiting for my rank please give it youtube rank
      1. PMR iCakes_
        PMR iCakes_
        Hi ecck :P
        Sep 11, 2015
      2. AnomalyDetected
        First off, where is your channel? Second, how many subscribers? They would most likely give it to more popular people, with 5000 subs and up. If you need to know, post it in the general section.
        Oct 24, 2016
    22. adventure117217
      Help! So I duplicated an item (into a large amount) and put it in a chest. Whenever I opened the chest I crashed, so I broke the chest. But then the items went into my inventory, so whenever I join I crash. Can you clear my inventory?
      1. AnomalyDetected
        First of, why were you making a crash chest? Second, post this in the Bug Subform.
        Oct 24, 2016
    23. minecraftmaximum
      Another thing is that the warp PVP is griefed, people keep telling me that the weapons and armor part of the PVP is gone/griefed and they ask me if we can fix it. Now I cant even build there so by any chance can you or someone who can build there fix it?
    24. minecraftmaximum
      Hi Mega. I don't know if this was supposed to happen but none of the staff have any perms. People are cursing each other out and spamming and I cannot do anything about it because the perms are messed up, as in I cannot warn people or mute people. If so can you please address this? Another thing: Spawn and /warp pvp are all severely griefed somehow.
    25. Jazboy2005
      Hey Just asking a question I changed my name to JazThe_Fire_King and my old name was jazboy2005 so i am asking any plot thats jazboy2005's could be mine?And if you could get back to me fast that would be great! :)
      1. AnomalyDetected
        He would need proof, and this would need to be posted in the General subform.
        Oct 24, 2016
    26. ecck1
      im on at 3:00
    27. ecck1
      come on please turn me back in to yt answer me
    28. ecck1
      hello remember me ecck ok good ecck got hacked so i cant play anymore so i bought a new acount its ecck1 now but i lost my youtube rank so i was wondering if you can give my rank back thanks
      Thank You, Sir...
      Do you guys answer post I see you guys are on during the the day please don't make me go to the next level just answer me.
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