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Feb 9, 2019
Oct 21, 2014
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May 1, 1999 (Age: 19)

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Owner, Male, 19, from Localhost


System.out.println("Hey everyone!"); Dec 28, 2016

GTA5Racer was last seen:
Feb 9, 2019
    1. xXBurgerXx
      i wrote a staff application can u check it please
      1. CrazyDingo
        GTA doesn't check the apps.
        Jul 27, 2016
    2. I Will Prevail
    3. Player0312
      Is mob arena going to open back up?
      1. CrazyDingo
        Since GTA doesn't care at all, the answer is no.
        Jul 6, 2016
    4. Sterling751
      Ok I need help it will be my 2nd week(ish) of being staff, but I can't log in to C2 or C1 to log my hours... when I went to check out a plot causing lag I crashed and when I rejoin I can't even spawn if there is a way to teleport me to spawn I really need it... Thank you!
    5. ZombieSlayer1014
      Hi, please help me, I am a $20 donor rank and I don't have any donor perks, my dots also got reset from 6 dots, this also happened to my friend XTheDestroyer14X a $15 donor rank and he had 6 dots as well. my ign is ZombieSlayer1014 FYI. Thanks in advance! If you need proof, our nicknames are still there.
    6. Tiff_
      I cant find the Reporting Forums,Im trying to report EpilepticSeizure For Spamming & he had curse in the text too only spaced out letters
    7. DemonSlayer772
      Can you please help, i did not get my rewards, honest
    8. DemonSlayer772
      i just voted 4 times on skyblock and got nothing, my IGN is Fire_Lord_666
    9. Ethannn
      What is the policy for racism? My friend was being disrespected when trying to back me up because I was banned for an action I did not commit.
      1. AntiPerspirant likes this.
    10. UltimatePlatypus
      How to use an 10$ voucher
    11. AmazingDude101
      GTA5Racer , Can I Please please please get $60 Donator for free. Its my BDay and i Really want it! Pls Pls Pls Pls Pls Can I Get it For Free?
      1. CrazyDingo
        LOL why dont you just trump to give you a little 'help' of 100 mil? LOL I LAUGH SO HARD YOU CAN'T IMAGINE!
        Jun 19, 2016
      2. Charizardism
        why would he give you $60 for free? Just because its your birthday doesn't mean you get something worth $60 for free?

        P.S: Happy late bday
        Jun 21, 2016
    12. Mitchel de Lange
      Mitchel de Lange
      GTA5Racer I have made two commands using command blocks, 1 of them is Rainbow Glowing and the second is don't tap the white tile. The main thing is I can't use command blocks. If you could allow me to use command blocks, I can give the staff Rainbow Glowing.
      1. bob
        No one, not even staff or owners can use them. They are disabled for a reason
        May 28, 2016
      2. CrazyDingo
        And the reason is abusing it; why wouldn't you and anybody else who gets permission to use command blocks, just op yourself? Or ban players? If you want to play with some command blocks with commands from the internet, do it on single player mode or in your own server.
        May 29, 2016
    13. The_Blocky123
      can you unban me please cause I was set up
    14. The_Blocky123
      can GTA5Racer go back to 1.9 please because the server is buggy
    15. Luke The Waffle
      Luke The Waffle
      Can You remove my donor tag and replace it w/ dots?
    16. Cookieslx
      My I donated 5$ and it is not showing up
      plz fix it
      1. CrazyDingo
        Post a support ticket or just start a conversation with Bob or Nikki.
        May 3, 2016
    17. Ray Gun Mark 2
      Ray Gun Mark 2
      Can you please unban me? In my ban appeal you may have to read a bit but I was framed ,set up, and forced to by GeekyHauntVA and TurntechTIm to build portal traps or else my private information would be spread all over the internet
      1. JEC03
        Are you sure they were hackers? They could have been stupid 6 year olds who think they're cool.
        Apr 13, 2016
      2. CrazyDingo
        It is your problem you did that. You could just report them. You are the one with the responsible.
        May 3, 2016
      3. TroyTheHedgehog
        YOU WERE DA oNE WHO TWAPpED ME IN DaT PERralz.... I much forgive I much much much..
        May 7, 2016
    18. dylanp2014
      hey GTA5racer I bought a 15$ donator rank and I haven't got it so the staff told me to contact you on the creative 200by200 and I was wondering if you can fix this thanks
    19. Nerfnut123
      Hey, GTA5Racer, this is IIBin_LagginII from the server, and from what I can see, the friends plugin is being a pain in the arse with lag, I don't know how this can be fixed, I just hope this server doesn't take after the Edawg server. CC is great, let's keep it that way.
    20. Chris
      Check convos
    21. PixelatedOwen
      GTA, I was wondering if you could change the promo tick to like [Promoter] or something, its annoying how people say "What's that tick?"
      1. Candy
        kind of wish they'd change it all back to [moderator] and [promoter] like they used to have it as
        Jul 5, 2016
    22. Blues
      Also, MM seems to lag a lot
    23. Blues
      Hello GTA5Racer, theres a small chance you actually know who i iz. I am Protoblues40 and this is a concern for the Brand New Michael Myer Server. Now it seems that when you go on the MM server you cant join. Is this because of buggy stuff or just not enough players? Just makin sure we can get that Server to work! :) CCs a great place. yeah.
    24. Pyxsis
      Could head-staff get console or could you promote some? And could you make rules more strict/clear? pls ;-;
    25. joejoemars
      GTA5Racer I can't get the ranks on the new Creative plots. ( There is no way to get a new rank unless someone with the permissions comes and the chance of that happening is very low.)
      So please fix that. P.S. Almost everyone can only have one plot because of the rank problem. as do /warp spawn to see ranks also.
    26. InfinityEdge
      Hey maxed. I just voted 4 times, and only 1 registered. I made sure everything was right. So like yea, I'm mad I didn't get that amazing SWEG KEY
      1. joejoemars
        Dec 18, 2015
    27. AshunaaBaee
      Hi could you change my Forum name to ThePandaHasSpoken? Thanks
    28. JakePostonJake1
      Hello maxed its me Jake.L.JF i wish to speak with you and see if we can work something out peaceful about my ban plz contact me -Jf
    29. FangBros03
      Hey You're Bae
      1. FangBros03
        Nov 6, 2015
    30. SquizzyTay123
      Hey Max, A lot of the other staff and I were thinking if you guys could add rewards for build ranks, so e.g 2 dot rank could get you //set then 7 dot rank can get you //stack and so on all to help the builder get their ranks high
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    May 1, 1999 (Age: 19)