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Jan 12, 2018
Oct 21, 2014
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May 1, 1999 (Age: 18)

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Owner, Male, 18, from Localhost


System.out.println("Hey everyone!"); Dec 28, 2016

GTA5Racer was last seen:
Jan 12, 2018
    1. Gavin
      my friend made many so what the heck is this society now you system is so corrupt im fished with u guys ridiculous ps its not my pot i made 2 and thats it dang nuts on u jokers
      1. MayaWarrior
        I don't mean to be rude, but you lashing out really isn't helping your case. I recommend that you find something to occupy your time as you wait for your ban to expire, as it's clear that your appeal isn't going to be accepted.
        Dec 30, 2017
      2. Gavin
        yeah but the amount of time is ridiculous sorry for lashing out im just so mad i will wait
        Dec 31, 2017
    2. Gavin
      im so dang close to say nuts on this server a ban of 16 days is quite ridiculous reason a lag machine i could remove it but and my friend cleared plot i think this should result in an unban what do you think admin i will not make them ps i had my friend make the circles i made the fireworks and put dispensers so if you could tell me what to do for this that would be very helpful
      1. Gavin
        2 more days i will wait and thats it
        Dec 30, 2017
      2. MayaWarrior
        If you feel you didn't deserve the punishment you were given, please create an appeal here:

        With that being said, though, considering you've admitted to making the lag plot and were also seemingly aware that it was against the server rules, I wouldn't be surprised if your appeal is denied.
        Dec 30, 2017
    3. DayzZr
      Hey GTA... I hope you can help me out. I haven't been able to use the /plot download on medium (it says "Failed to generate download link"). This is probably because the medium plots are so big. Also //download is for mods only. PLEASE help me save my builds! I want to keep them forever! THANKS
      1. MayaWarrior
        Dec 22, 2017
      2. AnomalyDetected
        1) GTA will never respond. Ever.
        2) GTA has made it so you cannot download them because you're not supposed to. At least, that's what he told people when I was staff.
        Dec 23, 2017
    4. PricySpark
      I just got banned because there was a bot spam attack, I was wondering how to get unbanned...
      1. MayaWarrior
        Nov 26, 2017
    5. Exploud
      Hey mate, interested in doing some logo work but couldn't find a way to contact you - shoot me an email [email protected]
      1. Locien
        idk man i'm not sure if i'd want to work with someone who still uses yahoo for emailing
        Nov 18, 2017
    6. Big_Turtle_2004
      Hey GTA, how do you apply for staff? i have been trying to do it for weeks now. but also, i have changed my user name so its not Big_Turte anymore..
      1. MayaWarrior
        To apply for staff, you post a staff application, I'd tell you where to apply, but applicants are supposed to find where to do so themselves.
        Nov 13, 2017
    7. Miss Sassy
      Miss Sassy
      Nice name <3
    8. TWDfan5749
      Hey GTA I have a glitched plane on my plot. Can you try to fix the glitch and get rid of all glitched vehicles
      1. Miss Sassy likes this.
      2. zapteryx
        it will be removed on it's own
        Oct 2, 2017
    9. Kaisers41
      Hey I have a problem about the worldedit.... Whenever I punch a random dirt cyillinder appears, this makes it really difficult to build, maybe there is a command to cancel this but if so please tell me...

      -Sincerley Kaisers41
      1. zapteryx
        Sep 24, 2017
    10. haih_ys
    11. TheHolyMelon
      where do u apply for staff cuz the rules thing is broken
      1. MayaWarrior
        Staff applications are submitted in the Applications Subforum.
        Sep 16, 2017
    12. Mitchel de Lange
    13. Lord Ty
    14. Polybius
      when will large be back
    15. Novanance
      Hey GTA5Racer if there is any time you can, can we have a little talk?
    16. xXI_Zandrew_IXx
      Hey, GTA. I'm sorry for the post I put. I was simply upset with the server and wanted to vent a little. If I take down the thread, could I be unbanned?
    17. Riaan Gouws
      Riaan Gouws
      Hi. I am trying to log on to the server, but I am getting this error:$AnnotatedSocketException:Permission Denied:no further information.
      Please help!
      1. MayaWarrior
        Aug 3, 2017
    18. ander
      how do i get unbanned early?
    19. _Shadow_Akuma_
      so i made a build team named potatollama and i changed my username i got on and i did /bt and it said i am not in a build team my username is Akuma_Koala
      1. MayaWarrior
        Jul 20, 2017
    20. SpaceHQ
      I need help:

      When i voted 4 times and unlocked worldedit when i try to use it it says i am lacking perms and the minutes in the scoreboard which says how many minutes you have world edit are rising up:

      15604 mins
      15605 mins
      15606 mins

      and so on.
      I tried everything from disconnecting from the server to changing my ip but it didnt work
      Thank you for reading!

      Greetings SpaceHQ!
      1. MayaWarrior
        Jul 10, 2017
    21. YoshiBowser
      You just banned me for no reason:

      Reason: The Ban Hammer has spoken!

      I find this quite unfair and would like the know why you banned me.
      I read the server rules and didn't find anything I did wrong.
      Plz help / unban me

      - YoshiBowser
      1. MayaWarrior
        Jul 8, 2017
    22. Uniweedman
      Where am I supposed to send my resume for staff??
    23. CoolBro4535
      Hey There,
      I just logged on for the first time in a few months and tried my old Redstone light activation systems and they don't work. the repeaters are bugging out and even when I try replacing them it doesn't work. I am on the 200 x 200 plots please help!!!
      1. MayaWarrior
        Jul 6, 2017
    24. killerskeleten
      hey your staff ban me because a streap club? they could advise me and icould destroy it but your new brooke ****** promoter ban me whitout an advise its ok isnt good for the image of server but this is incredible ban of 20 days? are you ******* kidding me? i cant believe you get this new staff and dont she dont freaking now how to rule a freaking server it will be ok a ban of 1 day but 20?
      1. MayaWarrior
        Do not swear on the Forums. Also, if you feel that you did not deserve the punishment that you were given, make a ban appeal.
        Jul 4, 2017
    25. DerpyNub
      Hey Gta can I get a free Rank? Please!
      1. View previous comments...
      2. JEC03
        I have an idea, I'm gonna ask the owner of a Minecraft server, who I barely even know, for a free rank!
        Jun 29, 2017
      3. CrazyDingo
        will give u a free rank. what rank do u want?
        Jun 30, 2017
      4. JEC03
        Jun 30, 2017
    26. SkepticalEye
      hello GTA, tbh idk why you told me to contact mega for the new mob arena map i made as he doesn't play anymore, sooo... yeah, if you can add my map to the mob arena minigame i would really appreciate that.
    27. Markec
      Yes, you have solved the bug but do you mind clearing my inventory since i have an overflowed inv.
      If asking in what server its in all
    28. Lysundus
      *Cough* Followed you on twitter *Cough Cough*
    29. dd_heart
      do you know when the sever will update anyone?
      1. MayaWarrior
        I'm sure GTA will announce it when he knows, please be patient.
        Jun 8, 2017
    30. dd_heart
      the aurmor stands after i place them they despawn WHY!?
      1. Gilan
        They are entities. The server clears entities regularly.
        Jun 5, 2017
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    May 1, 1999 (Age: 18)