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Hello everyone!
After reading through your suggestions over the past few months, we have agreed that the most popular feature that the most of you want us to add to the server is Elevators! We have been working on the new customized Elevators plugin for over a week now, and we believe that it is ready to be released as a Beta feature for the server!

As the plugin is still in its very first Beta version, bugs are expected. Let us know of any bugs, issues, comments or suggestions for the plugin as a reply to this thread!

Watch the tutorial:
Here is the changelog for this month.

+ New Hub.
+ Optimized Cross-Sever worldedit. Max blocks will be increased tonight.
+ Added new plugin to customize ArmorStands. Right click on them to open a GUI to customize them.
+ New chat plugin has been updated and fixed.
+ New chat plugin prevents spam 10x better.
+ Fixed and issue with chat where staff couldn't see their own message.
+ Fixed an exploit where Chests/Furnace/TrappedChest could potentially crash people.
+ New website to view all the commands and features:
+ 50% Prepared for 1.12
* Optimized our Core plugin.
Hello everyone!

We have been working on a plugin for the past 2 weeks to make Worldedit Copy/Paste cross-server. We have successfully finished working on the plugin and the plugin is live on server!

//crosscopy - Copy's a build to clipboard.
//crosspaste - Paste's a build from the clipboard.
//crossundo - Undo's a cross-server paste! [Dont use //undo]

Changelog for Creative Servers
Date: 04/30/2017

Some changes will only take place by Midnight as it requires server restart.

+ Added command /announce
+ Added command /countdown [Donor feature]
+ Donors will be able to change scoreboard colors.
+ Fixed some SQL errors on our Core plugin
+ /realname has been updated for cross server and is much more accurate.
+ Fixed an issue with bad packets that caused the server to lag.
+ Chairs has been fixed on Medium
+ Hub now has all the cross server features.
+ Remodified our Core plugin database to implement /mail and /ignore for the next update.
+ Some message fixes on the core plugin
+ Cross server Worldedit plugin has been completed but requires a small fix on our linux OS to fully implement it.
* Fixed a permisssion issue at Hub.
Tomorrow (April 29th), the minigames server will be exiting its beta (work in progress) stage. As such, the command to access the server will be changed as well, from /beta to /games.

Full changelog:

! Fixed a bug in Spleef where the longer people waited in the lobby, the shorter amount of time it would take for blocks to start disappearing.
! Fixed a bug in Mob Arena where player classes would not get cleared when a player left the match, potentially resulting in an error.
! Fixed a double teleportation bug in respawn.
! Fixed a bug with team switch where the boss bar's time would reset for a second.
! Fixed a bug with the resource pack not unloading when Mob Arena finished.
! Fixed a bug with the resource pack applying for a spectator when no match was going on, under very rare circumstances.
! Fixed a bug with the resource pack not applying if a spectator joined during the mode ending screens.
! Fixed a bug with spawn vehicles and spectators leaving the game, causing an error.
! Fixed a bug with mobs where they could aggro on spectators after spawning.

+ Added "What do you want to do?" menu, can be toggled by pressing Left Mouse Button and will be presented upon joining the server. Current options (More options may be added in the future):
- Join (Joins the lobby of the active gamemode)
- Vote (Brings up the voting screen, only presented if server or current mode's lobby is empty of players)
- Stats (Shows your stats)
- Exit (Return to the server Hub)

+ Beautified the chat.
+ Beautified the voting screen.
+ Beautified some messages.
+ The votes for each gamemode are now displayed on a scoreboard.
+ Added a maximum wait time for the lobby - after a minute and a half, if there are not enough players, the current mode will be cancelled and the voting screen will kick again.
+ Nametags are now colored based on the team.
+ Visual tweaks.
+ Added a new mode: Cross The Line (2-8). A line comes out of your player, use it to eliminate the...
As previously announced, the minigames server will be exiting the Beta stage in early May. As such, a lot of changes need to be made. Here's some of what to expect, coming soon to the server:
  • A max waiting time for the lobbies, after at which point the voting screen will show up so you can pick another game.
  • Added a main menu. It can be brought up using the left mouse button; contains a variety of useful options.
  • If the server is empty or there are no players in a lobby, bring up the main menu to set the new mode.
  • New modes featuring builds from CreativeCraft.
  • Access to the server will be made with the /games command. /beta command will no longer be valid.

But wait, after the Beta stage is over, that does not mean everything will cease there.

  • More new modes will be coming.
  • Submissions will become available: submit your map for a specific mode, submit your mode ideas.
  • A revolutionary idea is being planned and worked on. As it might not happen due to many factors, we will not give out any details about it to prevent disappointment.
Last updated: April 17, 2017 (Unlocked thread)

April 4, 2017:

Going live later today, the minigames server has gone through some major but needed changes in order to improve the gameplay experience. Here's a roundup of some of the features...

- Voting system
The random mode system has been discarded. After a mode has finished, players will be prompted with the voting screen containing all maps of every gamemode, the info of each one can be seen by simply hovering over their icon. To vote, simply click on the icon. After 30 seconds or after all players have voted, the next mode will be the one with the most votes.

- Improved in-game XP display
After a mode finishes, a message will show up on the chat displaying how much XP you have. /mode rank command now also displays your XP on the header.

- Several fixes
Several fixes have been made to improve stability.

- Admin tools
Admin tools have been updated.

- Anti-Cheat
Due to false positives happening quite often, the anti-cheat system has been toned down.


- New mode: Mob Arena
Will go live today aswell. Fight your way to success in this new Co-Op mode. More info coming later today.

- Return of TNT Run
TNT Run went through some changes to nerf the lag spikes that were occurring.

April 8, 2017:
» General handling:

! A severe internal problem with the objectives has been corrected.
! A glitch ocurred in Spleef where the subtitle message under the team name in the intro screen appeared briefly before the intro played. That has been fixed.
! A bug has been fixed, happened under the following circumstance: A spectator deciding to spectate a player not present in the match.
! The draws have been fixed. Before winning would default to a team due to this bug.
! The code that gets a player to spectate has been rewritten, fixing many bugs. (such as: spectating a spectator, the camera getting stuck and jitter endlessly.)
! A potential...
Hello everyone,

I have improved our current home system by implementing MySQL and Cross-Server features. I have also organized the homes in a neat GUI system. Because of the new database, i had to reset everyone's home. Here is how you use the new home system:

/home {PLAYERNAME} - Opens the GUI of homes for the given playername.
/home set {name} - Creates a new home at the location you are standing at
/home delete {name} - Delete a home.
/home help - Shows useful commands and also displays how much of your homes has been used up.


Lets say you do /home GTA5Racer, this GUI pops up with all his homes.


Update: Now it shows the amount of homes that you have claimed on the scoreboard.

We will be adding Cross server warps and mail for the next update.

Fight monsters in the first Co-Op PvE mode for up to 24 players. Will be going live on CreativeCraft today.

How to play
- Firstly, when you enter the lobby, you will be faced with the class selection screen. Pick the class that suits your play style and then the resource pack screen will kick in. If you wish to do so, install the resource pack for this gamemode, then wait for the mode to start. If you do not pick a class, you will be given a random one when the mode launches. Classes will be furtherly explained down below.
- On start, you have 15 seconds to get ready before the first level. When a level begins, a set of mobs will be created. There are 10 levels with one cooldown period inbetween level 5 and level 6, which will regenerate your health. The higher the level, the harder it will become to survive. If all teammates are eliminated, you will lose the round. Pass all 10 levels to win. For every kill achieved, you will receive 6 XP. Boost your kill streak with the pickups present on the map!



- Knight
Iron Sword, Diamond & Gold gear, harm splash potion.
  • No special perks.

- Warrior
Iron Sword, Iron & Chainmail gear and Shield.

  • No special perks.

- Archer
Enchanted Stone Sword, Enchanted Bow, Chainmail & Leather gear, 32 instant harm tipped arrows & infinite normal arrows

  • No special perks.

- Pyro
Enchanted Iron Sword, Flint & Steel, Leather Gear and 2 regeneration potions.

  • Ability to shoot fireballs towards the nearest enemy.

- Medic
Enchanted Gold Sword, 2 Golden Apples, Leather Gear & 2 regeneration splash potion.

  • Ability to heal nearby non-Medic...
We will be transferring our domain ( to a much reliable registrar, during this time you wont be able to connect to the server temporarily. (Max. 6 hours)

I will be putting a temporary IP below for everyone to connect

Current Status: Domain transfer in progress

Temp ip: