Hi all!

As you all may know, there was a Halloween Build contest recently. I am happy to announce the winners for this build contest.

The winners are...
In 1st place, we have PuggyDiamond! (TITAN rank)
In 2nd place, we have DaBloxBoys! ($100 rank)
In 3rd place, we have FifinoD! ($60 rank)

Thank you every single one of you for participating in this contest and I hope you have a spooky Halloween.

Also, be sure to check out the video that came along in the set:

(credits to MysticQuack)

P.S. We will have more build contests soon, stay tuned! :p
Hey peeps!

Just wanted to let y'all know that there's a new trailer out. Check it out:

Credits to MysticQuack for making that.

It's time for a Halloween build contest!

The time has come for an official build contest to celebrate this upcoming Halloween. Everyone & anyone can participate (except staff, they will be the judges)! We are giving away formidable prizes to the top three best builds.


If you want to participate, contact any staff member and ask them to add you to the participant's list. Give them your username but also give them information about the location of your build (what server & what plot). No one may be added to the contestant's plot. Only the owner of a winning plot will receive a prize.


We are giving away three donor ranks to the top three builds. The 1st place will receive the TITAN donor rank, 2nd place will receive the $100 donor rank, and the 3rd place will earn the $60 donor rank. (Donors will receive an upgrade when winning, TITANS may give away a $20 donor rank to any person of their liking.)

The winners will be announced on the forums on the 20th of October.

Good luck and have fun building!
Hello everyone,

We had some lag/crash issues in the past week which were caused exploiting WorldEdit. We have removed the exploits and also upgraded our Server Hardware. As you can see we have also updated our website theme to make it a bit cleaner and easier to browse. I will also be revamping the staff team this coming week. Also our new logo is in work.

UPDATE: We have a new feature in chat. If you have "#tphere" in your sentence, people can teleport to you by clicking on that message.
Hello everyone,

If you have been on the server for the past few days, you might have seen me and a couple of other testers were messing around with something called Vehicles. Today, we finished all the tests and I'm glad to introduce vehicles to the server.


Who can use them?
There was a lot of questions regarding who would be able to use these vehicles. Please refer to this chart below
How do you use them?
I have crafted a perfect GUI to make everything easier for you guys. All you have to do is use the command "/vehicles" and a GUI will pop up!

NOTES [Please read]:
  • Since vehicles utilizes ArmorStands, I had to disable the feature where you were able to Customize them. I will find an alternate way to use both of them at the same time within this week.
Hello everyone!

First of all, I apologise for being inactive for the last few weeks. I was having my finals which kept me really busy. Now that all my finals are over I will be able to get back on track and get things up on the server! Also, my college won't be starting until September so that gives me a lot of free time to work on the server. I noticed that there are some issues with our current Staff System, I will be going through all the staffs and make sure that there are strict rules among them. I promise that I will build a better staff system the coming week. To get started, I have added /report command for everyone! It is very easy to use for both members and staffs. Staff-Members gets a dedicated website to control all the reports and take actions immediately! Here is a screenshot of it

Command Syntax: /report {playername}

Hello everyone!
After reading through your suggestions over the past few months, we have agreed that the most popular feature that the most of you want us to add to the server is Elevators! We have been working on the new customized Elevators plugin for over a week now, and we believe that it is ready to be released as a Beta feature for the server!

As the plugin is still in its very first Beta version, bugs are expected. Let us know of any bugs, issues, comments or suggestions for the plugin as a reply to this thread!

Watch the tutorial:
Here is the changelog for this month.

+ New Hub.
+ Optimized Cross-Sever worldedit. Max blocks will be increased tonight.
+ Added new plugin to customize ArmorStands. Right click on them to open a GUI to customize them.
+ New chat plugin has been updated and fixed.
+ New chat plugin prevents spam 10x better.
+ Fixed and issue with chat where staff couldn't see their own message.
+ Fixed an exploit where Chests/Furnace/TrappedChest could potentially crash people.
+ New website to view all the commands and features:
+ 50% Prepared for 1.12
* Optimized our Core plugin.
Hello everyone!

We have been working on a plugin for the past 2 weeks to make Worldedit Copy/Paste cross-server. We have successfully finished working on the plugin and the plugin is live on server!

//crosscopy - Copy's a build to clipboard.
//crosspaste - Paste's a build from the clipboard.
//crossundo - Undo's a cross-server paste! [Dont use //undo]

Changelog for Creative Servers
Date: 04/30/2017

Some changes will only take place by Midnight as it requires server restart.

+ Added command /announce
+ Added command /countdown [Donor feature]
+ Donors will be able to change scoreboard colors.
+ Fixed some SQL errors on our Core plugin
+ /realname has been updated for cross server and is much more accurate.
+ Fixed an issue with bad packets that caused the server to lag.
+ Chairs has been fixed on Medium
+ Hub now has all the cross server features.
+ Remodified our Core plugin database to implement /mail and /ignore for the next update.
+ Some message fixes on the core plugin
+ Cross server Worldedit plugin has been completed but requires a small fix on our linux OS to fully implement it.
* Fixed a permisssion issue at Hub.

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